La amenaza invisible

Lecturas en los tiempos del coronavirus Ahora que la humanidad ha tenido que acostumbrarse a vivir en medio de una amenaza invisible, resulta fascinante que Michael Crichton, allá en 1969, escribiera una novela de ciencia ficción en la que el “invasor alienígena” es igualmente invisible, igualmente diminuto, igualmente mortífero (bueno, un poco más el deContinue reading “La amenaza invisible”

The Invisible Threat

READING IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS While the author’s device feeds our curiosity, the scientists inside the Wildfire premises feed data to the computer with the method used at the time: punctured pieces of paper. The novel has the aroma of an old vintage, just like the film directed by Robert Wise and released inContinue reading “The Invisible Threat”

Bacteria and Martians

“God is not an insurance agent!” exclaims the Narrator addressing the curate in H.G. Wells’ Novel The War of the Worlds. The curate’s sanity is compromised by this situation he cannot understand, he cannot endure. The Narrator gets truly annoyed at his shivering impulsiveness. But we must admit that, at least, his ravings are consistentContinue reading “Bacteria and Martians”

Marcianos y bacterias

“¡ Dios no es un agente de seguros!” Es lo que le dice, irritado, el narrador al cura en la novela de H. G. Wells La guerra de los mundos. Confrontado a una realidad que no puede admitir, el cura pierde la razón y se convierte en un amasijo tembloroso de impulsos y emociones. SuContinue reading “Marcianos y bacterias”


El miedo a la infección, a la contaminación, al contagio es uno de los miedos primigenios: vive en la raíz de la naturaleza humana y responde a una de las trampas más insidiosas de la Naturaleza. Es el miedo al enemigo invisible, incomprensible: enfermedad que se transmite de un enfermo a otro, espíritu maligno queContinue reading “Infección”


The fear of infection, pollution, contagion is one of the primordial fears. It lives at the root of human nature responding to one of the most insidious traps of Nature. It’s the fear of an invisible, incomprehensible enemy: the disease that passes from one sufferer to another, the evil spirit that works in the darkContinue reading “Infection”


I can’t remember where I found out about Phantastes, that strange, wonderful book written by George MacDonald (1824-1905) at a time when adult fiction was supposed to be realistic and the idea of fantastic literature made people instantly think of children or young readers. One author leads to another, a book to another book inContinue reading “Phantastes”

A Geography of Dreams

A Geography of Dreams is a project of mine which has just begun to develop. I imagine it like a mix of poetry, essay and narrative. It has just begun to take form, but it has been on my mind for a long while. I have read some books written by scientists or by journalistsContinue reading “A Geography of Dreams”