The Ghost’s Walk (El paseo del fantasma)

Bleak House es una novela larga con varias subtramas y con partes muy diferentes por su ambiente y sus personajes. Tanto es así que, aunque en conjunto tiene los rasgos de la novela realista decimonónica, con sus preocupaciones sociales y su detallada representación del mundo, dentro de ella podemos encontrar un relato policiaco y unaContinue reading “The Ghost’s Walk (El paseo del fantasma)”


To go into Bleak House (the novel) you must go into the fog, the thick fog at the begining of the book. First you see it wetting and clogging streets, rooms, windows, boats, river banks, the whole sky and the whole city of London. Then it turns into a metaphorical fog inside Chancery Lane. AndContinue reading “Fog”

The Walking Forest

Pippin looked behind. The number of the Ents had grown – or what was happening? Where the dim bare slopes that they had crossed should lie, he thought he saw groves of trees. But they were moving! Could it be that the trees of Fangorn were awake, and the forest was rising, marching over theContinue reading “The Walking Forest”