Jonathan Strange y el señor Norrell

Descubrí Jonathan Strange y Mr Norrell por la serie de TV, en la que encontré elementos que me atrajeron mucho y, sobre todo, una forma de combinarlos profundamente original. Aún no conocía a Susanna Clarke y no sabía que estaba ante la marca de la casa. Pero era evidente que esos elementos venían de laContinue reading “Jonathan Strange y el señor Norrell”

Rama II: The Garden of Disenchantment

Badreads Rama II is the most conspicuous… rubish I’ve read in a long, long time. I read it because I loved Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke, but this is a novel written by a scientist. Its language is precise, correct, governed by utility and clarity both of purpose and expression. The characters areContinue reading “Rama II: The Garden of Disenchantment”

The Ghost’s Walk

(English) Bleak House is a long, long book with several subplots and different sections that can be clearly told apart according to their atmosphere and characters. So much so that, although as a whole it has the features of the XIXth century realistic novel, with its social worries and minutely depicted world, we can findContinue reading “The Ghost’s Walk”

One thousand and six hundred pages

I’ve been busy (and enormously happy) reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, though I must say I finished the book in a surprisingly short amount of time, considering it has eight hundred pages. This means my happiness lasted less than expected. The book is a wonderful structure balanced in such a way that joy andContinue reading “One thousand and six hundred pages”

Encuentro con Rama

Lecturas en los tiempos del coronavirus Leí Encuentro con Rama, de Arthur C. Clarke, gracias a Los Morlocks: no a los Morlocks de H.G. Wells ni a los Morlocks de Marvel Comics, sino a ¡¡¡¡LOS MORLOCKS!!!! Reseñas e ilustraciones sobre subcultura y cómicsLeí su reseña y decidí que tenía que leer el libro, que ésteContinue reading “Encuentro con Rama”

Los cultivadores de gérmenes

Lecturas en los tiempos del coronavirus ¿Te interesa leer un libro publicado en 1892 del que se ha dicho que es la primera novela en la que se describe una invasión alienígena de la Tierra, libro publicado seis años antes de La guerra de los mundos de H.G. Wells? Pues, primeramente, debes estar dispuest@ aContinue reading “Los cultivadores de gérmenes”

The Germ Growers

Are you in interested in reading a book published in 1892 which is said to be the first novel portraying an alien invasion of Earth, released six years before H. G. Well’s The War of the Worlds? Then download it from and come back after reading. Why? Because I am about to spoil theContinue reading “The Germ Growers”