A Geography of Dreams

A Geography of Dreams is a project of mine which has just begun to develop. I imagine it like a mix of poetry, essay and narrative. It has just begun to take form, but it has been on my mind for a long while. I have read some books written by scientists or by journalists who have interviewed scientists. The mind at night, by Andrea Rock, is my favourite. It’s highly enjoyable, rigorous and all the information it contains is still valid. But I suppose I read it more because of my interest in the matter than for its usefulness concerning my purpose. Because my project is an exploration of dreams from a certain viewpoint and under the frame of literature. It’s the space and the places in dreams that I want to talk about because I’ve realised they are important characters in the plot of the night cinema. So if every character in the dream is the dreamer itself, the places are also the dreamer, a manifestation of his or her mind, a way in which revealing emotions embody themselves in forms and colours and meanings. I’ve decided to put words to work in this web, which is a way to kindle them and see them grow. Let’s see what kind of dreams are born from the spirit of dreams.

And this is the entrance.

Publicado por Mary Wolfhouse

Writer and freelance journalist. Mary Wolfhouse is a pen name and also an Internet avatar.


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